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Article: The YOKKAO Challenge is Back with Attractive Prizes to Win!

The YOKKAO Challenge is Back with Attractive Prizes to Win!

The YOKKAO Challenge is back once again and like the previous time, we will be giving away attractive prizes to selected winners.

For those who are not familiar with the content, the YOKKAO Challenge went viral in a matter of hours when it was launched in 2018. Muay Thai practitioners and enthusiasts around the world took part in the challenge and we ended with over a thousand entries on Instagram. Two winners were selected from the first challenge and won two pairs of YOKKAO boxing gloves each. 

This year, we will extend the challenge to other platforms including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. For those planning to join the challenge, the rules are simple: participants will team up in twos (or more) and attempt to throw as many punches as possible to the partner’s abs in 20 seconds and capture it on video and then post it on their social media accounts.

We will be giving away $2,250 worth of prizes to the winners for each of the 3 social media platforms with a 500 USD gift card for first place and 250 USD gift card for second place to be spent at our online store. The key to capture our attention and win is to be creative and it helps to inject a little humor into the videos. 

Check out our Instagram post below for the complete details on taking part in the challenge. The content ends on 30th September when we will pick the winners. We look forward to all your submissions.

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